Do you or your Krewe have a float that you would like to enter in our parade? Car group who wants to show off their decorated vehicles? We would be glad to have you.

A $250 entry fees per parade for each float, Krewe, or car group required to help defray the cost of putting on the parade. Car groups are limited to a maximum of 20 vehicles and all vehicles must be decorated with festively dressed riders. Many of our past car group entries have had fun contest to honor the best decorated car in their group.

Space in the parade is limited. Please complete the registration form for details.

Groups entered into our parades must follow the same rules as our own krewe members:

Float Rider Information

Listed below are guidelines to help everyone continue to have wholesome good and safe fun during our parades.

•     Card board boxes are not allowed on floats. Please place all throws in soft-sided duffle type cloth bags or in plastic bags. It is also helpful to have a bag or container to place trash in (for trash from beads/throws wraps, etc.). The Krewe makes a deposit ($2,000) to the City of Galveston for clean up costs. If the area is left clean, the deposit is refunded.

•     Absolutely no glass containers are permitted at the parade line up area or on floats. Individuals should drink responsibly, and all alcohol containers have to be covered (koozie, plastic cup, etc.).

•     The No Smoking policy is strictly enforced on our floats and in our float barn. This is a safety factor and required by the City of Galveston ordinances. Failure to comply with this ordinance can result in removal of the entire float from the line up and parades at any time.

Throws: It is suggested every member have no less than ten gross of beads (a gross equals 144) for the Seawall Parade and at least four gross for the Fat Tuesday Parade. Any amounts less will not assure you having enough throw beads for the entire parade route. Beads should be at least 33″ long.

No item that could be deemed as being inappropriate shall be thrown.

No alcohol will be used as a throw or given away during a parade. (No alcohol will leave the float.)

NO items should be thrown from the floats when stopped along the parade route. This is a safety factor as well as an city ordinance.  Law enforcement officers are there to protect parade goers as well as Krewe members and our drivers from possible injury and accidents. It is critical that our drivers have a good view to maneuver floats safely. Tell the public, “We’ll throw when we roll”.

•     It is not proper parade protocol to ask or expect other members to share their throws with you.

•     If you want to give beads to band members, please give to their leaders or support staff.

•     It is not proper parade protocol to throw beads at parked or moving cars, band or drill team members, or musical instruments.

•     Each member should use good judgment when purchasing throws. The Krewe does not want to offend individuals with throws that are obscene, illegal, or alcohol related. Silly String is not allowed in our parades.

•     Throws that are too light may blow backwards or under floats.  Throws that are too heavy have a tendency to hurt the crowd or break.